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Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Network Release 2001-2013

DMR013 – Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – NETWORK RELEASE 2001-2013 Out Now! +28 Tracks! Album Deluxe Four!
Under DreaMelodiC Records
a collection tracks from Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC Network Release 2001-2013
They’re not released officially,The Tracks Created Between the years 2000 to 2013
from The old era Of the Impulse Tracer Dos software,
Some of the tracks Released for free, and later in other software,
and also some of the tracks, Published and rolled over the net,
Here everything is focused And official
Enjoy, and be excited.

1.DreaMelodiC – Create The World (Original Version) 2010
2.DreaMelodiC – Melodic Voice (Original Version) 2001
3.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Indian Soul (Original Version) 2002
4.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Kept Self To Enjoy (Original Version) 2004
5.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – You Are I Am (Original Version) 2005
6.DreaMelodiC – Crazy Power For Me (Original Special Edition 2011)
7.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Into The Night (Original Version) 2003
8.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Soul is Speaking (Original Version) 2002
9.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Come In To Inside Bean Power (Original Version) 2003
10.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – The World Going Down For You (Original Version) 2003
11.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Yom Kippur is Black (Original Version) 2008
12.Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC – Chillout Of Paradise (Original Version) 2004
13.DreaMelodiC – Arabic (Original Version) 2010
14.DreaMelodiC – Beyond The Atmosphere (Original Mix) 2009
15.DreaMelodiC – Chupa (Special Version Extended 2013)
16.DreaMelodiC – Chupa 2011 (Original Mix)
17.Aderet – Say No More (DreaMelodiC Aviram Dayan Remix) 2009
18.DreaMelodiC – Feel The Briza (Special Version Extended 2013)
19.DreaMelodiC – Remember The Moment (Original Mix) 2012
20.DreaMelodiC – Story Of My Angel (Original Version) 2009
21.DreaMelodiC Feat. Lior Avramov – Alone (Original Mix) 2010
22.DreaMelodiC Ft Lil K.c – Baby If You Love Me (Original Mix) 2011
23.L.A & Shtubi Feat. DreaMelodiC & 69 & Static – בשבילך לעולם – Bisvileh Leolam (Original Mix) 2012
24.Lil K.c – כל הכוונות – Kol Hakavanot (DreaMelodiC Production) 2010
25.Shake – בואי נעוף – Boi Naof (DreaMelodiC Offical Remix 2011)
26.Shake Feat. DreaMelodiC – הנה זה בא – Here It Comes (Radio Edit Extended) 2011
27.Shake Feat. DreaMelodiC – הנה זה בא – Here It Comes (Radio Edit) 2011
28.Shake Feat. DreaMelodiC – הנה זה בא – Here It Comes (Radio Mix) 2011

Advertiser publisher: Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC
Graphic Design / Video Clip: Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC
Musical production processing (mixing, mastering): Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC
Melodies: Aviram Dayan
Performing backing vocals: Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC
Sampling, live instruments, percussion, and Midi : Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC

Youtube – Special Super Set Mix:
SoundCloud – Playlist – All Tracks:

Always Updated

Note for Update to last version:
 for all the exist customers that purchased the V2, when V5 goes out – i will charge a nominal/fixed fee of 50$ more.
Note for new customer about V5 future version:
when V5 goes out if you buy the V5 straight, there will be no offer/discount over a period of time,
it will return to the original price and even slightly more, so better to buy the V2 before.

you can use with Kontakt player (free)
but any library will be limited to 15 min.

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