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Aviram Music Box v1.0 – For Kontakt
Sound from a great Tool With Different Instruments Music Box:
Symphonion,Cylinder,Swiss cylinder,Mandoline(Organocleide)
Orphenion Multi Legato,Bells in Sight,Different Chorus,Air Breathing,
Different Pads,And Stretching,Winding Noise (Winding,Attachments),
Support Win + Mac Systems.
product page:

Always Updated

Note for Update to last version:
 for all the exist customers that purchased the V2, when V5 goes out – i will charge a nominal/fixed fee of 50$ more.
Note for new customer about V5 future version:
when V5 goes out if you buy the V5 straight, there will be no offer/discount over a period of time,
it will return to the original price and even slightly more, so better to buy the V2 before.

you can use with Kontakt player (free)
but any library will be limited to 15 min.

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